Seasonal Eating: Getting Into The Right Relationship with Food Teleclass

Do you know why it is so hard to lose weight after the holidays and into the New Year?

Do you know why strawberries taste best in the summertime?

What is the best time to do a cleanse? The introductory class is ONLY $29 until 11:59 pm December 31st, 2009.

Here is what the audio lecture/class includes.

BONUS AUDIO LECTURE – Nwennna Kai interviews Angela Stokes about her amazing weight loss with raw foods.

BONUS E-BOOK - 20-page Raw Foods Weight Loss Recipe book

Only the first 100 people who purchase the audio lecture will have an opportunity to win a FREE copy of Nwenna Kai's book, The Goddess of Raw Foods

Raw Foods and Weight Loss

Weight loss is inevitable on a raw foods diet? Why? For many reasons. Eating a raw foods diet mostly of sprouted grains, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are

low in calories

high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals thus thoroughly nourishing your body and eliminating hunger pangs

rich in enzymes again supplying your body with optimal nutrition

low in fat

mostly water-based thus allowing for optimal elimination through all the digestive organs (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, colon)

enhances your digestive processes thus again keeping those digestive organs working properly

naturally steadies your energy levels keeping you energized to partake in regular exercise

enhances your moods keeping you naturally mentally and psychologically balanced and aligned

A lot of our weight is in our organs and the main organ is the colon. A lot of waste is packed in the colon. Some of us carry anywhere from 5-75 pounds of unwanted, very old, toxic waste in the colon. By getting a series colonics from a certified colon therapist along with eating a mostly raw foods diet you could drop weight easily and naturally and have amazing results with weight loss.

What is a Colonic?

A Colonic or colon hydrotherapy is a cleansing, detoxing, hydrating, and strengthening process of the colon.

With a number of treatments, it significantly improves your digestion, promotes weight loss, increases your energy, enhances the look of your skin,

Anyone can get a colonic, however it is highly recommended for people who are constipated, people who smoke and drink heavily, people who travel frequently, are highly stressed, are in need of a life change.

They say all disease stems from constipation, so a colonic is highly recommended.

Body Z Alive

I visit a wonderful Colon Hydrotherapist in Santa Monica, CA. Her name is Lou and she is nurturing, warm, and extremely knowledgeable about her work. Here is the information and tell them that Nwenna Kai from The Guide to Raw Foods sent you!

Body Z Alive

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