Probiotics and Digestion

A raw foods diet is rich in the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients, however without proper digestion of these elements, a raw foods diet doesn't make any sense. This is why using natural probiotics is key to optimizing your experience on a raw foods diet.

A healthy and well-functioning digestive system does a body good and keeps one very very happy.

Having healthy and happy intestines is key to proper nutrient absorption. What good is it to eat raw foods if you are not digesting all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the food.

This is where live bacteria cultures of probiotics comes into play.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that lives and produces itself naturally in your intestinal tract, by many of us are lacking enormously of good live bacteria.

Proper probiotic balance should be 85% to 15% of what we call bad bacteria.

Probiotic balance can be thrown off from the use of prescription drugs, illegal substances, eating a diet of too many processed foods or acid-forming foods,

The Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics has a number of benefits and the proper use of a natural organic probiotic food product can dramatically improve your health and prevent many diseases that result due to a lack of proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Probiotics lowers cholesterol.

Probiotics prevents colon cancer.

Probiotics lowers blood pressure.

Probiotics boosts your immunity to preventable diseases.

Probiotics prevents inflammation in the body thus preventing a common disease called Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS).

Probiotics can correct any mineral absorption deficiencies. This is extremely important because trace minerals transfers nourishment to the body's cells and is the framework for the function of the enzymes in the body, the nerves, the cells, the tissues, and the regulation of the body's organs.

Think of trace minerals as the nuts and bolts of a house. If these nuts and bolts are being removed from the house and they are never being replaced back, the house will eventually fall.

Because harmful bacteria grows well under stress, proper probiotic balance can prevent it from growing. Coconut Kefir is a wonderful all natural probiotic that comes from coconuts and can be used on a raw foods diet as a wonderful addition to aid with the digestion process.

It can be easily made at home and babies and children love it!

Donna Gates, author of the book, "The Body Ecology Diet" suggests coconut kefir for those needing help with digestion.