Online Raw Foods Basic Nutrition Course Coming Soon - 3 Hours

Online Raw Foods Nutrition Courses - Coming Winter 2010

Raw Foods Basic Nutrition Course - 3 Hours

-Learn the entire gamut of raw foods and nutrition-Learn The Guide to Raw Foods Nutritional Pyramid-The nutrition of superfoods-The importance of organic foods-Creating weekly menus to maximize nutrition

This course is recommended for those are just beginning their journey to learning about raw and living vegan foods. It is great for mothers wanting to teach their children and who are the nutritionists in the household, great for expecting mothers, great for beginning raw food chefs, etc.

Using Raw Food Nutrition to Heal the Body Course - 3 Hours

This course is an intermediate course teaching those how to use live organic raw vegan foods to heal the body and attain health goals such as

-weight loss

-more energy

-clearer and more supple skin

-regular bowel movements

-stronger and brighter teeth

-more muscle mass

-an overall healthier physical appearance and feeling

Price and Dates - TBA

Raw Foods and Nutrition Advanced Course - Using Foods to Spiritually Empower oneself and align oneself with One's Desires of the Heart

This course will teach those who want to use foods to metaphysically and energetically empower themselves spiritually.

Foods in its most natural states are used to not only physically heal the body but to also mentally and emotionally heal and maintain the body, mind, and most importantly the spirit.

Most people who are eating a mostly raw foods diet rave about how peaceful, joyful, and happy that they feel.

When the body is physically balanced so will the mind and the heart.

When you learn to align yourself with your heart's desires and what your heart is craving, you will attain great freedom spiritually and on all other planes as well.

This is a course for serious students only as it is a shift in the food paradigm and programming.

Come with an open heart and mind.

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