Exotic Raw Foods: Durian, Dragon Fruit, Mangosteen, Jackfruit, and Acai Berry

There is a gourmet exotic side to a raw foods diet. The durian fruit, dragon fruit, mangosteen, jackfruit, the acai berry and others are just some examples of the wonderful varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be added to a raw foodist's diet.

These exotic fruits and vegetables which are usually imported from other parts of the world to the U.S. hold superior nutritional value for our human bodies, taste delicious to the palette, and they add that extra spice, flavor, and sexiness to a raw foods diet.

Sounds delicious..... Enjoy this information

The Durian fruit is known for its unique odor, however this stinky fruit is nutritional rich in protein, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and much much more.

Durians are unique to Southeast Asia because of the weather conditions, particularly Thailand in which the Mon Thong variety is exported on a large scale. Even though Indonesia is where the fruit originally was discovered, This unique fruit hasn't been grown commercially yet in other parts of the world, however parts of sub-saharan Africa and the Northern parts of South America have ideal weather conditions to grow the fruit.

Durians in the raw foods world is like grapes, wine, and cheese in other gourmet cuisine food lovers worlds. They are the classic gourmet food in the raw foods world.

Benefits of Eating Durian

* Durian heats the body

*Durian cleans the passage ways in the lungs thus cleaning out lungs and breath passages possibly helping someone with a common cold or cold-like symptoms

*Durian is a blood cleanser

*Durian is an aphrodisiac

*Durian is high in protein and therefore a powerful muscle builder.

*Durian is a good source of monosaturated fats.

How To Eat The Durian Fruit

The durian fruit ranges in color from green to brown. And because of its sulfuric oddiferous odor, it goes straight from unripe to rotten so you must be careful in picking out a fruit ripe enough to eat.

It has tough skin and can be used more as a weapon than a food because it is as heavy as a bowling ball. In Thailand, some people have been known to have died from durian falling off of trees and hitting them in the head.

But there is an art to eating Durian.

First, only durian around other durian lovers because of the strong and intense smell.

Second, there are five sections of the durian fruit filled with brown seeds, so you have to eat it in sections.

Third, lay out some newspaper and cut it in half with a cleaver of some sort, the same cleaver that you would use to hack open a Young Thai coconut.

Fourth, proceed to pull out a giant seed and suck on the creamy flesh inside the durian.

And there you have it, your are now a Durian Lover!

A Durian smoothie recipe

Because of the durian's unique taste, smell, and look, you can use it to make ice cream, puddings, add it to your salad, or smoothie.

1 whole durian podmeat of one Young Thai coconutwater of one Young Thai coconut1/4 cup agave nectar1 whole vanilla bean (chopped)1 cup of your favorite berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)

Blend together in a Vitamix blender. And Enjoy

*Recipe from Nwenna Kai's book, The Goddess of Raw Foods


Dragon fruit is common in places like Thailand and Vietnam.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

*Lowers blood glucose levels in Type 2 diabetes

* It has been known to help those recovering from gout ailments.

How To Eat Dragon Fruit

A Dragon Fruit Seaweed Salad Recipe

This is actually a great salad recipe for someone who has Type 2 Diabetes.


dried dragon fruitraw almondsraw pumpkin seedsraw sunflower seeds1 fuji apple (chopped)raisins1/4 cup black sesame seeds1 Asian cucumber1 cup arame seaweed1 cup wakame seaweed2 handfuls of mixed greens1/4 cup carrots (grated)1 large avocado


Sesame seed oil4 cloves garlic2 stalks green onions1 teaspoon white misopinch of black pepper1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Blend all ingredients together in a Vitamix blender.

Toss the dressing generously or as you like on your salad. Garnish with avocado slices and black sesame seeds. Enjoy!

*This recipe is from Nwenna Kai's book, "The Goddess of Raw Foods"