Raw Foods and Juice Therapy

Juice therapy is an important aspect of the raw foods diet for many reasons because it provides the body with the optimal superior nutritional and recuperative benefits necessary for the sustainability and vitality of one's health. Juice therapy is simply the consumption of fresh organic raw vegetable and fruit juices in abundance for anywhere from 3-40 days or sometimes more.

To optimize your juice therapy experience, we recommend purchasing the Juiceman 5000 juicer.

Our bodies are made up of atomic elements. The major atomic elements are:

- oxygen- carbon-hydrogen- nitrogen- calcium-phosphorus-potassium-sulphur-sodium-magnesium-iron-iodine-chlorine-fluorine-silicon-manganese

The body becomes out of balance when the cells, tissues, organs, and glands do not carry a sufficient amount of these atomic elements thus creating disease in the body.

Why Juice Therapy?

Simply put, eating solid whole foods requires hours of digestion before any nutritional elements can fully nourish and sustain the body. Of course eating a mostly raw foods diet is beneficial as the energy to digest is extracted through the enzymes and not from the body.

Raw Carrot Juice Therapy

Organic Raw Carrot Juice

- aids digestion- contains an ample supply of Vitamins A,B, C, D, E, G, and K- improves and maintains the bone structure of the teeth- promotes the appetite- prevents the nervous system- acts as a natural solvent for ulcers and several types of cancers

The Best Carrot Juice Combinations are

Carrot and Celery Juice

Carrot, Celery and Beet Juice

Carrot, Celery and Coconut Juice

Carrot, Apple, and Celery Juice

Raw Celery Juice Therapy

Organic Raw Celery Juice is divine because it contains a high volume of vital organic sodium. Sodium is an extremely rich element because it plays an important role in the physiological processes of the fluids in the blood.

Raw Cucumber Juice Therapy

Organic Cucumber Juice is a natural diuretic, thus promoting the flow of urine.

Fresh organic cucumber juice can heal many skin eruptions by working extensively with the bile in the liver that is an organ metaphysically connected to the skin, hair, and nails to eliminate toxins from the liver.

Fresh organic cucumber juice also helps in conditions of high and low blood pressure and any ailments of the teeth and gums.

Here is a great skin, nail, and hair tonic using fresh organic cucumber juice.

Skin, hair, and nail tonic

2 cucumbers2 apples1 handful alfalfa sprouts4 stalks celeryjuice of one lemon

Juice all ingredients in a Juiceman Juicer and drink immediately.