Benefits of Raw Foods

Benefits of Raw Foods

Of course you wanna know the benefits of a raw food diet. Why on earth would I eat cold, uncooked food for the rest of my life. Inquiring minds want to know.

When I first started eating raw, I lost weight, my skin glowed, I had lots of energy, I slept better, I emotionally felt more grounded and happier, and the more I ate this way, I noticed how I didn’t get sick. Like when my friends were coming down with the flu or the common cold, those viruses and germs would skip right over my immune system so I was Yeah, I love raw foods!

More Energy

A raw food diet can’t help but to supply you with more energy. Why, because of the new way your body is processing and digesting the food. Because you are eating more live and raw foods, your body is extracting the nutrients that are naturally already in the foods and properly distributing them throughout your bodily organs and systems and nourishing them. But when you eat cooked food, the nutrients are cooked out of the food, so your brain tells your body it is hungry when actually it is not hungry, it is just undernourished. So when you eat more raw foods, you will notice that you will eat less because your body is being more nourished.

So you see it is not about how much you eat, but in what state are you eating that food. Humans don’t have to have 2,000 or 3, 000 calories a day to survive and thrive. If I would tell me how many calories I eat a day you would probably think I was starving myself so I won’t tell you. In fact, I probably really don’t know because I don’t count calories.

Weight Loss

Even though I didn’t want to lose weight. When I started eating raw, I was probably 120 pounds and I’m about 5’5. Now I’m still 5’5 and about 110 but I actually look like I weigh more because of all my muscle weight from eating a lot of greens and I”ll explain how that happens from eating raw. But again because the raw food diet is a detox diet, you will shed all the toxins and gook in your body that has turned into pounds of unwanted waste in your colon and you will lose the weight naturally and gradually. It won’t be such a shock to your body because your body craves natural organic raw food. It’s a part of your body’s memory of your DNA.

Click on this link to learn more about the colon and the importance of a colonic.

You can see some testimonials from people around the world who have lost weight and kept the weight off from eating a mostly raw food diet. (Use Halima’s photo and testimonial)

Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

Eating more raw foods means that your body is getting more water content foods and more moisture in the body and if it is getting more moisture in the body, it is getting more oxygen in the body. So the more oxygen in the body means that all of your organs, cells, and bodily systems are constantly being revitalized so your body becomes a temple of ultimate health and not a host for degenerative diseases.

See you have to think of your body as a host and you invite in whoever you want to invite in. You can invite in parasites or you can invite in oxygen. That is the difference between your body getting sick or not.

We don’t get sick because there is a virus out here and We get sick when there is a breakdown in the system particularly our immune systems, but when you are feeding your body raw foods, your immune system is constantly being upgraded so to speak so it doesn’t invite things like parasistes and viruses in.

Raw Foods acts as a catylyst in the healing of the body and in preventing more sickness to the body.

The Body needs oxygen, clean drinking water, mostly water-based foods, (live foods), and deep flushing (detoxing).

Raw Food Facts

Spiritual Aspects

The raw foods diet is a very light, yet nutritionally dense diet. The lighter your diet, the better you are able to think and focus which is key to a great spiritual practice. The spirit needs prayer and meditation. Prayer because that is talking and verbal communication with God, your Higher Self, whatever you want to call it. And meditation is listening to God, your Higher Self.

Raw foods help the body to open and if the body is open and flexible, the mind is open and flexible which lends itself to an environment that promotes healing. So you see how everything is a process. One thing must happen in order for the other to manifest. It is dependent on it. If you look in nature, its how nature thrives. Before the butterfly is a caterpillar first. It crawls and then it flies.

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