Raw Foods Diet & Astrology

Yes, you read it correctly, raw foods and astrology. Everything is connected and your nutritional needs has a lot to do with your astrological background.

To enhance your raw foods diet, we also use astrology to guide you to create a more enhanced raw foods diet and lifestyle so that you can eat the best raw foods possible according to your astrological make-up.

Here at The Guide to Raw Foods, we offer an amazing FREE astrological quick glance and an Full Astrological Nutritional Blueprint so that you can enhance your raw foods journey and be fully aware of what your body, mind, and spirit needs to be well.

The quick glance astrological chart provides a look at

* All of the astrological signs *The ruling organ body for each astrological sign *The health challenges associated with each astrological sign

A Full Astrological Nutritional Blueprint provides

*what foods to eat *health challenges associated with your sign *what organs may need more attention *an annual look at your overall health

Finding out your nutritional needs according to your astrological make-up can help you discover and unravel those areas around your health that are mysterious and unexplainable and difficult to nurture.

For example, when I was eating a mostly cooked vegan diet, I often wondered why I still had so many digestive issues even though I was eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

What I discovered from getting an Astrological Nutritional Blueprint was that being a Sun Scorpio, Moon Aries, and Rising Gemini was that my astrological background was ruled by the same chakra of my digestive organs and if there was any apparent stress in my life, those organs were going to be deeply affected.

I also came to the conclusion that again according to my astrological make-up that my body required a lot of water which explains why I love eating a mostly raw foods diet because raw foods is so juice and full of water, it just all made sense.