Healing the Body through the detoxification process, juice fasting, herbs, probiotics, food combining, and MORE!

Raw Foods & Healing the Body

The raw foods diet can heal and sustain the body through a number of different modalities: the detoxification process Juice fasting, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, food combining, learning how to eat according to the seasons, learning how to properly detox your body according to the seasons, learning more about eating according to your blood type are significant ways to learn how to achieve optimal health and wellness on a raw foods diet.

Your body is a system and this system can heal itself on its own. And within this system are other systems and when all of these systems are working properly, they create a highly vibrational light body.

To heal anything you first have to bring it to the light and using a detoxification process to cleanse and nourish the body is a first step towards healing the body. Understand first and foremost that healing is a process and a wonderful journey. It is not a one-stop, take the blue pill and be cured. Disease comes first from a negative emotion whether that emotion was manifested when you were born, in the womb, as a child, or as a adult. So even though I always say raw foods healed me and I believe in the healing powers of raw food, raw food was simply a catalyst to unblock certain blockages that I had within my body which eventually helped me to further unblock emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges that I had in my life as well and I’m still on the journey! So please do not get frustrated as you start eating more raw foods and you feel like your health is deteriorating. The step towards healing is that your body will get very very sick and that’s why we introduce you to the detoxing process which is a MAJOR part of healing the body.

My two main issues with health were constipation and my thyroid disorder. Well raw food will definitely relieve your constipation as there is a lot of ruffage and water in the diet which will unblock any stoppages or constipation. But constipation emotionally and metaphysically means that you are probably the type of person who holds on to things and never seems to want let them go. You stay stuck in your past a lot and its hard for you to either let go of grudges or memories. And I was defiantly that kind of person, so honestly it wasn’t until I brought that emotion to light that I truly was able to heal the constipation. Because now my diet is 75% raw and 25% cooked and I have consistent bowel movements. Sorry it may be TMI (too much information) but let’s keep it real with each other and learn from each other, right?

We cover many different ways to balance your body back to vibrant health. Trying different methods is most important as there isn’t a quick fix. So take a look at food combining, juice fasting, probiotics, eating according to your blood type, etc.

Juice Fasting

Green Juice Cleanse

Tropical Juice Cleanse

Enzyme Cleanser

Color Brush Cleanse

For more juicing recipes for cleansing and detoxing, see our e-book All About Detoxing and Fasting

Food Combining and Season Eating

We prepare ourselves with each season and we change our clothes according to the seasons, but for some reason, we eat the same foods all year long. This style of eating doesn’t serve the body good!

Here are tables on the best foods to eat according to the season

Winter - storingSpring - creativitySummer - expansionFall – preparation

Food combining

To combine or not to combine? That is the question! Food combining is a different nutritional approach in order for the body to fully maximize upon the nutritional elements of food. Have you ever wondered why eating certain foods often left you feeling bloated, gasey, or tired. Sometimes it could be because of the blending or the marrying of foods. Because again good digestion is the key to optimal health, its important to not combine the wrong foods so that your body can have enough pH balance and alkalinity in order to properly digest and distribute the nutrients throughout your body.

Take a look at this food combining chart.

Eating according to the seasons



Cultured and Fermented Foods

Raw Food Eating according to your blood type

Type AType ABType OBut when it is the right season, we suggest that you eat

You can find out your blood type from your doctor or you can

Diet & Astrology

Raw Foods & Fitness

Detoxification Process

Water Fasting

Water fasting is probably the most severe and the hardest to do and should really only be done once you have thoroughly and consistently performed herbal detoxes and cleanses for a number of years and have eaten a relatively raw foods diet for a few years. However the body can and will sustain itself, heal properly, and thrive from a water fast diet. You can purchase our e-book on All About Detoxing and Fasting and find out more information about water fasting.

Detox, detox, detox. Think of it as cleaning your house! Would you go months and yeas without cleaning your house? Then don’t go seasons or years without cleaning out your body!

Cleansing the body is a necessary process for healing the body. And the raw foods diet is a natural detox diet. When you first start a raw foods diet, you should expect some very unpleasant detox symptoms. Breakouts, rashes, unusual gas, bloating, weight loss, frequent urination, frequent colds, an onset of the flu, sore throats, some people even experience nightmares (when you have been eating meat for a number of years and you resort to a meat-free diet, you can experience nightmares; you can learn more about this is our e-book, All About Detoxing and Fasting) are just some of the symptoms that one can experience when they first start a raw food diet. You will detox as long and as severe according to the status of your previous health and the diet that you used to eat.

There are five major organs for cleansing: the liver, the colon, the lungs, the kidneys, and the body’s largest organ, the skin. Even though the body naturally cleanses itself, when we take medicines such as antibiotics or inject other toxic substances into our bodies, we suppress the natural process of cleansing. We cleanse our bodies naturally through the breath, sweat, urine, and the feces. And when the body has become extremely toxic, we cleanse when we become sick through fevers, colds, rashes, flus, acne, or other illnesses. At the onset of these symptoms, one should consider doing an herbal detox of some kind because disease begins in the body when the cells, tissues, and muscles of the organs in the body become too toxic.

Depending on how toxic your system is and how processed your diet was, the body may go through a healing crisis which actually is a great process in the detoxification process because since your body is being freed up from blockages and it can now eliminate, it wants to rid itself of the toxins more quickly and so it is using other mechanisms such as the mucous from a cold, or acne on your skin to release toxins besides just using the bowels and urine. For women, the vagina has also become a means to eliminate. Again for more information about this, see our e-book All About Detoxing and Fasting. So if you notice that you are breaking out and getting more sick, just keep detoxing and cleansing. Its a good sign!

On every cleanse we at The Guide to Raw Foods highly recommend only consuming organic and raw fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and vegetables however if this is too difficult especially for first-timers then we suggest you do the following

AVOID AT ALL COSTS..............

-caffeine (coffee, soda drinks, and even yerba mate)- nicotine- alcohol (even natural fermented kombucha drinks)- canned and frozen foods (we strongly recommend if you are juicing to use fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible)


- lightly steam your vegetables (a way to measure if you have steamed them too much is to make sure that there is sufficient crunchiness to your veggies)- eat lots of fresh fruits (especially at night)- eats lots of fiber and bran cereal (especially oatment)- keep your meals simple and light (for example, just have a fruit salad for dinner, a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, some fruit to follow, a large salad for lunch and maybe some brown rice with veggies, and snack on some raw nuts or granola throughout the day, now that’s simple)- For people who are new to cleansing and also seasoned ones, we still highly recommened using herbs and we have the best herbs on the planet. Check out our store at www.amazonherbs.net/the-guide-to-raw-foods.com. Learn more about these most authentic, purest, organic and wildcrafted herbs at www.the-guide-to-raw-foods.com/herbs

Because the raw food diet is a detox diet, digestion is extremely important. Remember when your mama always said “chew your food slowly, John Boy”, she knew what she was talking about. Digestion starts with the mouth first and it starts with chewing your food and chewing it slowly.

Health and healing begins in the gut. How well you digest your food determines your overall health. Most degenerative diseases like colon cancer, arthritis, etc are caused by poor digestion.

A healthy gut needs the following:

The 5th chakra rules the digestion. Do you know what chakras are? Chakras are the energy centers of your body. There are seven major energy centers for the body, however, there are hundreds and probably thousands of minor ones. Since disease is associated with your emotions and it needs to be healed on a metaphysical level first, it is important to know the seven major chakras of the body. See this chakra chart and how it relates to emotions and illnesses.

Also check out the e-book The Guide to Detoxing The Body For Life!

Here are some sample detoxes for a simple and easy detox

Here at The Guide to Raw Foods, it is recommended to do these cleanses on a regular basis according to the seasons and in this order. Mirroring nature is an important lesson in life. Everything else in nature, in the heavenly realms and skies works according to a cycle and so should we. They say it takes the bloodstream 7 days to cleanse itself and I know that from new moon to new moon it takes 28 days and a woman carries a baby for nine months so you see how symbolic nature is to how we should treat our bodies and our health.

1. Kidney and Gallbladder Flush - Spring2. Parasite Cleanse - Fall3. Liver Cleanse - Wintertime4. Full body detox - Summertime

The liver is a woman’s best friend because it’s the mighty organ that breaks down fats and empties toxins in the by dumping bile in to the bloodstream allowing the body to create new bile which allows the body to thrive and free up blockages in the liver. Remember in metaphysical science, the negative emotion associated with the liver is anger and the liver rules the skin, hair, and nails.

Here are just some snidbits of information for cleansing the body!

Liver Cleanse

Drink fresh parsley and ginger tea. Take a handful of parsley and ginger and boil it down (its not raw, we know) and then let the mixture cool and then drink it down as quickly as you can.

½ cup olive oil¾ cup grapefruit juiceDrink this mixture before you go to bed and we suggest that you go to bed early like around 9 or 10 pm.

Full Body Detox – Summer

It takes seven months to cleanse the entire glandular system but a full body detox from anywhere from 7-28 days can do wonders for the body. We highly recommend doing this detox in the summertime when its hot outside and the body detoxes even more because it sweats more and this is a time when perhaps you have more time, are more relaxed and the energies are more expansive and firey in nature allowing you to free up blockages in your body, mind, and spirit.

The Master Cleanse _ You can do at any time!

I have to tell you about my very first experience with the Master Cleanse. First of all I just want to say how much I love to cleanse my body. I always have a good experience during and after the cleanse and that’s why I stress cleansing the body 4 times a year for each season.

But I first tried the Master Cleanse when I was a senior in college. I was twenty years old and my body and life were very toxic. I lived in France the semester before doing a study abroad program learning the French language and spending a lot of time with the French men and my body just freaked out from all the food, alcohol, cigarettes, and good hash that you can get over there.

So my face was full of acne, I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and I suffered from chronic constipation. My good friend and French major mate Cyndi suggested that I do a cleanse and she gave me the book by Stanley Burroughs about the master cleanse. I read the book and was sold on it. Later I read more books by master herbalist and nutritional expert Queen Afua.

But anyway the master cleanse consists of a sea salt drink, the lemonade mixture, and some laxative detox teas, and absolutely NO EATING of any kind.

Now this sea salt drink was the toughest because getting it down my throat and allowing it to move stuff out of my body was a huge challenge for me.

So my first day on the cleanse, you have to drink 1 quart of distilled water to 2 tablespoons of celtic sea salt. So I did that on the first day before my 10 am screenwriting class and nothing happened. So I took another quart of water to 2 tablespoons of sea salt and then about an hour, I went to the bathroom and things moved out of me pretty smoothly and so I proceeded to walk to class. Well my class was far from my home.And you guessed it, I had to stop and go to the bathroom again before I got to class. Finally when I got to class, I heard my stomach rumbling again and I had to go to the bathroom again. After the third time, I really thought I was done because after I looked back in the toilet and what I splashed up against the walls (sorry, I know too much information) I really thought I was done but I wasn’t. My stomach continued to curl and moan and make disgusting squeezy like sounds and basically my two hour class was spent in the bathroom, so the moral of the story is IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME TRYING THE MASTER CLEANSE, for the first three days I highly suggest that in the mornings after you drink your sea salt concontion that you confine yourself to the safety of your home for a few hours; something like 6-8 hours.

Now that my system is pretty clean and less toxic and my bowels have moved more frequently since that experience, I usually go within 30 minutes of drinking the sea salt drink so I don’t have to worry about being somewhere and not having a bathroom to use. So here is the master cleanse regimen, but I highly suggest that you purchase the book along with doing the cleanse for a couple of reasons.

One you will learn more about why he created the cleanse and the healing aspects to it. It’s also a great motivational piece to it because cleansing can be a lonely experience. I mean how many people in your circle do you know who are detoxing on a regular basis? Right! And two you can pass it on to a friend in need. That’s what my friend Cyndi did for me. And the book is only $9.95 and you can purchase it in our store at www.-the-guide-to-raw-foods.com/store

A Breath Detox

What is a breath detox. There really isn’t such a thing but understand that the body detoxes only about 3% of its toxins through the feces, about 7% of its toxins through urine, and about 20% of its toxins through sweat. However the use of the breath can detox up to 80% of the body’s toxins.

In 2006, I discovered the practice of Rebirthing through my teacher Maren Nelson, the founder and owner of Life Breath Integrations. See www.marennelson.com. The breath was the first gift you were given by God and so it is vital that we learn to breathe properly and use it as a way to detoxify the body as well which is why when I walk my clients through detoxes and fasts, I always emphasize that they learn to meditate and use the power of oxygen properly.

When the body is absent of oxygen, it becomes diseased faster than a body that is not. Oxygen can serve as a powerful immune system defense and a rebuilder for the body and its cellular structure and anytime you are healing from a disease you need to quickly multiply cells.

Rebirthing is a circular breath technique that is used to merge spirit. It has enormous benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Juice Fasting & Therapy

Food Combining

To combine or not to combine? That is the question! Food combining is a different nutritional approach in order for the body to fully maximize upon the nutritional elements of food. Have you ever wondered why eating certain foods often left you feeling bloated, gasey, or tired. Sometimes it could be because of the blending or the marrying of foods. Because again good digestion is the key to optimal health, its important to not combine the wrong foods so that your body can have enough pH balance and alkalinity in order to properly digest and distribute the nutrients throughout your body.

Take a look at this food combining chart.

Diet & Astrology



I didn’t discover Probiotics until I started eating raw. I didn’t know the importance of them and the world of probiotics is vast. There is a lot of junk on the shelves so I hope to shed some light on some products that would be beneficial for your gut! Remember good health starts in the gut!

Probiotic healing is basically naturally supplying natural microflora back into the body in addition to eating natural organic foods rich in enzymes and probiotics. See your body is like an ecosystem and there needs to be a balance of friendly bacteria to non-friendly bacteria. Friendly bacteria is like a steel wall for your immune system. It prevents your body from breaking down from stress-related situations, a daily normal western diet, environment toxins, and eating too many processed foods. This is why taking antibiotics can be so harmful because it kills all of your friendly bacteria now preventing you from fighting off simple illness like yeast infections, the common cold, the flu, a headache, etc.

And yes did you know that there’s even a convention for probiotics. The Third International Convention on Probiotics was last held in Paris.

Probiotics foods have been found to help people with mental health conditions, women with menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and muscular soreness and stiffness.

Getting raw organic non-dairy probiotics can be challenging. But I’ve found these products to be great for improving digestion and balancing health flora in your gut.

Our intestinal tracts contains over 100 trillion bacteria and due to poor diet, stress, environmental factors, and medicines, that bacteria becomes imbalanced and that’s where disease begins because the body creates blockages without the help of the bacteria to fight off disease.

People who suffer from candida, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, thrush, frequent colds and flus, acid reflux, or allergies will greatly benefit from a probiotic healing therapy regimen along with following a healthy strict diet that we can recommend for you and, a great probiotic supplement, and lots of meditation, positive thinking, prayer, and visualization techniques.

Here’s a great raw vegan kefir recipe!

What is your Ph Level?

The balance of your saliva and your urine determines your Ph level. Its important to know your Ph level as it will give you clues into your body's ecosystem.