Seasonal Eating

Seasonal eating is a wonderful way to achieve optimal balance for your body, mind, and spirit. Because certain foods grow during the winter, summer, spring, and fall months, it means that everything including your health and your body's needs operate on a natural cycle.

Each season represents a different cycle, a different emotion, a different organ, etc.

Seasonal eating will help to restore the body, balance it, and create a shift for your health since you are in balance and attunement with Mother Nature and all the abundance of food that She brings through the soil.


No matter where you live or how cold your winters get, the winters month represent storing, harvesting,

Winter Months

Squash and Zucchini

On a raw foods diet, it is important to adopt seasonal eating as your body during the wintertime is also craving a lot of warmth and comfort foods as it wants to store more energy to have more warmth.

Ginger root



Spring is a month for awakening and blooming so eating foods that are associated with those emotions is important.


Summer is a time for loving, exposing, shedding, and detoxing. Since the summer months are so hot, its important to consume a lot of cooling foods and foods that are high in water content and are detoxifying for the body. Because the body sweats more in the summertime, its important to replenish it with lots of high water content foods as well as foods that will detox your body. Its a great time to do a full body detox in the summer.




Fall is a season for resting, creating, and manifesting. Its a time to come home and feel restored, so restorative foods are best for this season.