Careers in the Raw Foods Field

I know many would think, how can I create thriving and flourishing careers in raw foods? There are many professions and careers in the raw foods field. A raw foods chef, nutritionist are just some of the professions that you can create. With some time, patience, perseverance, and a lot of smart and strategic planning, you could have a thriving and flourishing career in the raw foods field.

That's how I started my business and I can show you how to start your own career or business in raw foods!

Here are just a few raw foods professions.

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Raw Foods Chef/Preparation Assistant

As a raw foods chef, you can contract yourself out to be a private chef. If you need the experience, you can learn alongside a person who is already a private chef or a chef in a restaurant. In our raw foods directory, we list many raw foods chef around the world whom you can contact.

As a preparation assistant, you can assist a raw foods chef. Even though it will be grunt you will learn the basics of preparing raw foods in an easy, simple, and timely way. As a preparation assistant, you are like an apprentice to a raw foods chef, so make sure that your apprenticor is teaching you the following:

- How to create amazing raw foods menus for your clients- How and where to shop for the most inexpensive organic produce- How to pick out ripe organic produce- The basic kitchen staples of a raw foods diet- Basic nutritional aspects of a raw foods diet- Proper usage and maintenance of raw foods equipment- Basic knife skills

Creating Your Own Raw Foods Product Line

When I first started my raw foods business, I created a product line for the small gourmet health food stores in the Los Angeles area. At the time, pre-packaged raw foods were rare and there were only two companies including my company that had items in the stores. That was five years ago. The raw foods pre-packaged industry has since changed dramatically over the years.

Here are some tips to get you started. If you need more information, we at The Guide to Raw Foods can consult with you about your business idea for a raw foods product line.

- First, find out from the health food stores what they are looking for. For example, most stores are overwhelmed with raw food desserts. What most health food stores are looking for are entree items

- Once you find out what they are looking for, refine your recipes.

- Start small. Start with a small store to test the product and the market. Don't expect to make a profit anytime soon. So start small. Make maybe 10 items for each recipe and keep it to a minimum of 3 recipes.

- Get very friendly with the buyer of the store to gage the interests of the consumers with the product.

- Know all the guidelines of the store. Do you need a business license, health permit, a certified kitchen certified from the State's Health Department. Like I said in the beginning, we didn't need any of this stuff.

- Create a fun, bright, mouth-watering label with your company's name, website address, address or PO Box, and email address. Do not include a phone number.

- Get insurance. Make sure you have adequate insurance for your business.

Creating Your Own Raw Foods Home Delivery Service Locally and Nationally

Home Delivery Service

People always want to have health, nutritious raw foods delivered to their home or office. When I started my restaurant, this income from our delivery service did wonders for our restaurant's bottom line. But if you don't have a restaurant yet, I would again suggest that you start small. Provide this service for your family, friends, or co-workers.

Here are tips on getting started.

- Create a menu at the beginning of the week

- Email the menu out to your prospective clients. Adding a photo to the food is always quite enticing.

- Always charge for the food and the delivery service.

- Prepare all the dehydrated items the night before and prepare all the fresh items early early in the morning right before delivery.

- Depending on your load, carry all the deliveries in extremely cold coolers.

Raw Foods Nutritionist and Coach

Raw Foods Coach/Nutritionist

Everyone needs a raw foods coach and nutritionist. Nowadays with millions of people turning to the alternative health markets instead of using traditional medicine to deal with major illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc, raw foods coaches and nutritionist will be in high demand.

- Get certified to be a raw foods coach or nutritionist.

Interested in becoming a Certified Raw Foods Nutritionist?

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