Raw Foods Candida Diet

Symptoms of Candida

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast that lives in our intestinal tract, point blank! And yeast is a parasite in the body.

Our intestinal tract needs a balance of friendly bacteria (85%) to unfriendly bacteria (15%). When that friendly bacteria is attacked by antiobiotics or other toxins, then the unfriendly bacteria multiplies quickly and causes the symptoms and conditions for candida which makes your body a great host for parasites.

But here at The Guide To Raw Foods, we show you how a raw foods diet can help to alleviate that growth by doing three things: boosting the body's immunity to yeast, supplying it with sufficient nutrition by eating only raw foods in which you body can better extract nutrition from a raw foods diet than a cooked food diet, and creating a more alkaline environment in which yeast cannot and will not GROW!

Here are some symptoms of the presence of candida!

Severe Physical Symptoms

Chronic FatigueChronic Sinus InfectionsWhite Coated TongueIrritable BowelLow Sex DriveAnemiaAcne DandruffFoggy Feeling around the head and earsNumbness, tingling and burning sensations around the face and extremetiesAcid refluxDark Circles around the eyesExtreme and Frequent sore throatsfrequent cold and flu-like symptomsMenstrual ProblemsRinging in the EarsRashes and/or Dry and Flaky Skin

Severe Psychological and Emotional Symptoms

ParanoiaDepressionAnxietyMood SwingsIrritability

Other Symptoms

Dizziness and Loss of Balance

Foods To Avoid


Foods to Include

Learn about our raw foods candida diet!

What Causes Candida?

Candida is caused by

~ Antibiotics~ Birth Control Pills~ Constipation~ Parasites & Intestinal Worms from Food~ Low Thyroid Condition~ Excessive Stress~ Tap Water Consumption